Is acupuncture suitable for everyone?

Studies have shown that acupuncture is effective for a variety of conditions. Acupuncture is not for everyone . If you choose to see an acupuncturist, discuss it with your doctor first and find a practitioner who is licensed as having proper training and credentials.

Who is not suitable for acupuncture?

Bleeding disorder such as hemophilia or use of blood thinners . Infections skin disorder or disease . If pregnant, needling in the abdominal area or lumbosacral region should be avoided. It is also advisable to avoid any acupuncture that might stimulate the early delivery of the fetus or even lead to abortion.

Why is acupuncture not good for you?

The risks of acupuncture are low if you have a competent, certified acupuncture practitioner using sterile needles. Common side effects include soreness and minor bleeding or bruising where the needles were inserted . Single-use, disposable needles are now the practice standard, so the risk of infection is minimal.

Who would benefit from acupuncture?

What conditions are commonly treated by acupuncture? Hundreds of clinical studies on the benefits of acupuncture show that it successfully treats conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility .

What are the disadvantages of acupuncture?

Possible risks of acupuncture are the following:

  • Bleeding, bruising, and soreness may occur at the insertion sites.
  • Unsterilized needles may lead to infection.
  • In rare cases, a needle may break and damage an internal organ.

Who is acupuncture not recommended for?

If you have a bleeding disorder, such as haemophilia, or are taking anticoagulants, talk to your GP before you have acupuncture. Acupuncture is also not usually advised if you have a metal allergy or an infection in the area where needles may be inserted .

What types of patients One should not treat with acupuncture?

Relative Contraindications

  • Acute stroke.
  • Patients with cancer.
  • Areas of poor skin condition.
  • Diabetic patients.
  • Patients with epilepsy.
  • Hemophilia or other clotting disorders.

When is acupuncture contraindicated?

There are very few strict contraindications to acupuncture. It has been used even in vulnerable populations, such as in pregnant and pediatric patients . Nausea and vomiting in both of these populations seem to be more effectively improved by acupuncture than in the general population.

Can acupuncture make you worse?

Sometimes following acupuncture, some feel worse before they start feeling better . People can feel tired after acupuncture. A more common result is increased energy. The fatigue after acupuncture is your body telling you that it's deplete

When should you not use acupuncture?

As with any medical treatment, there are certain contraindications for acupuncture treatments, including:

  1. Drug or alcohol intoxication.
  2. Use of a pacemaker.
  3. A seizure disorder.
  4. Bleeding disorder such as hemophilia or use of blood thinners.
  5. Infections skin disorder or disease.

Does acupuncture actually do anything?

Acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system . This, in turn, releases chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain. These biochemical changes may stimulate the body's natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being.

Can you get diseases from acupuncture?

Both the National Acupuncture Certification Board and state regulatory boards oversee safety issues. Although there have been a few case reports of human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis infection, a review2 of nine prospective studies of the safety of acupuncture found no reported cases of disease transmission

Can acupuncture damage nerves?

Even a disposable needle can break. Acupuncture needles rarely break 7 , but they may damage a spinal nerve root 8 , 9 or a peripheral nerve 10 .

Can acupuncture make things worse?

The vast majority of people don't have a worsening of symptoms after an acupuncture treatment , the worst thing that usually happens is a feeling of tiredness immediately after the session which lasts a couple of hour

What should you not do after acupuncture?

What NOT To Do After Acupuncture

  • Don't become a busy body. In short terms, experts recommend resting after acupuncture therapy near LAX. ...
  • Don't take coffee and alcohol. ...
  • Avoid ice and cold. ...
  • This isn't the period for junk food. ...
  • Don't engage in stressful activities.