How many pediatric nurses are there in the US?

An estimated 180,521 RNs provide patient care in a hospital setting to a pediatric population, including newborn, neonatal, pediatric, and adolescent.

How many pediatric nurse practitioners are there in the US?


What percentage of nurses work in pediatrics?

Of the estimated 250,527 advanced practice RNs, 13% are in pediatrics. Of the estimated 158,348 NPs, 16% are in pediatrics. Of the estimated 59,242 CNSs, 8.7% are in pediatrics.

How many nurses are there in the US 2020?

2.98 million registered nurses

In 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.98 million registered nurses in the United States. With 307 thousand registered nurses, California had the highest number of registered nurses in the U.S., followed by Texas and Florida.

What state has the most pediatric nurses?

1. Connecticut

Total Pediatric Nurse Jobs: 2,194
Average Annual Salary: $101,559
Lowest 10 Percent Earn: $62,000
Highest 10 Percent Earn: $164,000

How much of the U.S. population are nurses?

The most common ethnicity among Registered Nurses is White, which makes up 69.1% of all Registered Nurses. Comparatively, there are 11.5% of the Black or African American ethnicity and 8.6% of the Hispanic or Latino ethnicity.
Registered Nurse Race.

Registered Nurse Race Percentages
American Indian and Alaska Native 0.5%

What is the current status of nursing in the United States?

Nursing has been an in-demand profession for years, with nearly every major hospital hiring for one of healthcare's most important roles. In 2019, it ranked as the third-most in-demand job of any profession in the United States , and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

How many more RNs will be needed by 2020?

Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020 analyzes the growing need for qualified nurses. The study projects that the economy will create 1.6 million job openings for nurses through 2020.

What is the average age of nurses in 2020?

52 years

The median age of RNs was 52 years and 53 years for LPNs/LVNs . The nursing workforce has become more diverse than in any other study year as nurses between 19 and 49 years of age have introduced greater racial diversity. Findings suggest the nursing workforce is becoming increasingly more educated and experience

Where are most pediatric nurses located?

The majority of Pediatric Nurses are located in NY, New York and TX, Houston .

What state do pediatric nurses make the most?

If you are a pediatric nurse who is looking to relocate to a different state, then you are probably interested to know that the highest paying state in the US is New York , with an annual salary of $56,677, seconded by Massachusetts, which offers its pediatric nurses an average annual wage of $56,442 and followed .

What state has the highest demand for nurses?

The top five states that have the current highest employment rates for nurses are:

  • California (274,650)
  • Texas (207,810)
  • New York (180,730)
  • Florida (174,710)
  • Pennsylvania (139,480)